Regarding fees and expenses

The buyer is required to pay the purchase price indicated in the item details.

In addition to sales commissions, commissions are charged according to the contract with the designated agent.
※The term "seller" refers to a person who sells a product created by the creator for the first time through the Service.

Secondary seller:
A secondary sales commission of 5% of the sales amount will be charged.
※The secondary seller is a person who sells products purchased through the Service to third parties for sale on the Service.

Seller and the secondary seller:
- If a purchase is made with a credit card, a transaction fee of 3% of the sales price will be charged.
- If the sales price of the product is paid in Japanese yen, a transfer fee of 300 yen will be charged when Adam pays the sales price.

When NFTs are withdrawn, the Company's prescribed blockchain network fee will be charged.

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