Guidelines for Exhibits and Submissions

GMO Adam, Inc. (hereinafter referred to as " The Company") recognizes the social responsibility of Adam by GMO (hereinafter referred to as "The Service") and has established the Guidelines for listings and submissions (hereinafter referred to as "The Guidelines") in order to ensure the healthy and smooth operation of the Service.

Please note that the contents of these guidelines are in accordance with the "Terms of Service" separately stipulated by the Company, and may be changed at the Company's sole discretion due to changes in internal or external reasons.

Definition of User-submitted Content

The term "User-submitted Content" refers to all digital content, etc. that users post on the service, items with substance that are exchanged in conjunction with the items on display, and all data, text, and similar items that are uploaded or posted on the service for display or other reasons.
In addition, there are two types of User-submitted Content: The one is visual content, such as illustrations, photographs and profile images, which have visual value and meaning, and The other is text content, such as novels and other works of art, text that has been converted into sound, and text that has value and meaning as text, such as titles and summaries of exhibits.

Prohibitions on Visual and Text Content

The following prohibitions apply to User-submitted Content(Both visual and text contents).

・Contents that violate various laws, regulations, ordinances, etc. in Japan.
・Contents that infringe on the rights of others, such as copyright, trademarks rights and intellectual property rights.
・Contents that infringes on portrait rights or privacy.
・Contents that violate socially accepted ethical standards.
・Contents that may be offensive to many users.
・Contents that may hurt others mentally.
・Expressions of suicide or implying suicide.
・Slander, threats, or anything that causes economic, mental damage or harm.
・Excessively obscene or Excessively sensational expressions.
・Expressions of sexual acts or implying such acts.
・Child pornography or sexual expression directed at persons who may be regarded as children.
・Expressions of genitals or exposed genitals (The same applies to expressions of objects that evoke genitalia).
・Contents that depict scenes of violence that are stimulating and disgusting.
・ Contents that contain excessive scenes of violence or cruelty or that can be expected to lead to imitation.
・Excessively grotesque expressions.
・Contents that glorify and excessively promote antisocial behavior.
・Contents that unfairly discriminate and express race, creed, occupation, gender, religion, etc.
・Contents that contain the Hakenkreuz, Hexagram, Koran, Muhammad's portrait, etc., which are strongly forbidden internationally.
・Contents that express excessive religious or political activities.
・Significantly unscientific claims.
・Contents related to socially sensitive topics.
・Contents with a significantly large amount of information, such as novels and video or audio content with long playback times.
・Contents deemed inappropriate based on The Company’s screening or reports from users.

Other Prohibited Matters

Regardless of User-submitted Content, the following listings and submissions are prohibited in this service.

・Listings of contents created by AI image generator (tool that load images to generate new images, tools that input words to generate images, etc.) .
・ Listings of contents that are the same as or very similar to the contents that have already been listed on other NFT marketplaces.
・Listings of contents that are the same as or very similar to the contents that have already been listed in this service.
・Listings deemed inappropriate based on The Company’s review or reports from users.

We respond in the event of a violation of prohibited contents, etc.

Upon violation of any of the terms, conditions or guidelines set forth by the Company, including the "Terms of Service," or any of the prohibited behaviors set forth in these guidelines, the Company may delete the concerned content without prior notice.
Accounts may also be deleted without prior notice if The Company deems it to be malicious, such as being unresponsive to correcting the prohibited behavior. Even in cases not stipulated by the guidelines above, The Company may delete contents and accounts it deems to be inappropriate.

Secondary use conditions for created items

Content creators may set secondary use conditions (copyrights, etc.) when creating items on this service. By setting the terms of use, the creator can allow the purchaser to use the content within the scope of the set terms.


Revised 20 October 2022

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