Notice of Ethereum Upgrade (The Merge)

Dear, Adam byGMO users,

Ethereum upgrade (The Merge) is scheduled around September 15, 2022 Japan time. We would like to inform you about our policy after the upgrade as follows.

■ What is The Merge?
The Merge refers to the upcoming major upgrade on the Ethereum blockchain, which will shift Ethereum's consensus algorithm from Proof of Work (PoW) to Proof of Stake (PoS).
Regarding the chain after the upgrade, there is a possibility that PoW chain:the pre-upgrade chain will continue to exist separately from PoS chain:the post-upgrade chain.

■Our policy after the upgrade
・After the upgrade, we plan to adopt PoS chain NFTs and only those NFTs will be available in the services we provide.

・In depositing and withdrawing token, we will support the only PoS chain. Accordingly, when you conduct the withdrawing token, the items will be minted to the PoS chain. Also,the only NFTs that exist on the PoS chain will be accepted for the depositing procedure.

Please note that PoW chains is not supported (Both depositing and withdrawing token are not available on the PoW chain).

Best regards,

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