Notice Regarding the Release of "Adam Point"

Thank you for using Adam by GMO.

Adam byGMO has released "Adam Point".

Adam Point is a point that can be used to purchase items within Adam byGMO at a cost of 1 yen per point.

Since it is possible to convert account sales proceeds into points, after the point release, sales proceeds from item sales will be able to directly be used to purchase items in Adam byGMO without having to withdraw the proceeds from the account.

For more information on "Adam Point," please refer to the "Notation based on the Act on Payment".

In conjunction with the introduction of Adam Point, the "Additional Terms for Adam Point" and "Secondary Seller (Merchant) Agreement" have been newly established.

・"Additional Terms for Adam Point"

・"Secondary Seller (Merchant) Agreement"

The "Secondary Seller (Merchant) Agreement" will pop up when you log in.

If you do not agree to the "Secondary Seller (Merchant) Agreement", you will not be able to use the service after logging in after the start of the agreement procedure. If you do not agree to the "Additional Terms for Airdrop", please sell your items or take other measures.


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