Notice of Introduction of Ticket System for Airdrops and Establishment of Additional Terms for Airdrop

Thank you for using Adam by GMO.

We are announcing the introduction of a ticket system for receiving airdrops starting July 18 (Tuesday).For details on the ticket system, please refer to the "Airdrop Ticket System Overview"below.

In accordance with the introduction of the ticket system, we will establish a new "Additional Terms for Airdrop" and will start the procedure for agreeing to the "Airdrop Terms and Conditions" around 18:00 on July 18.
After around 18:00 on July 18, a pop-up window will appear when you log in, so please read the terms  and complete the consent procedures.

Additional Terms for Airdrop (applicable from July 18, 2023)

If you do not agree to the "Additional Terms for Airdrop", you will not be able to use the service after logging in after the start of the agreement procedure. If you do not agree to the "Additional Terms for Airdrop", please sell your items or take other measures.

Airdrop Ticket System Overview


■About the types of airdrops
Adam by GMO will offer two types of airdrops: "Present Airdrops" and "Ticket

・Gift Airdrops
Airdrops that allow users to receive items without consuming tickets.
*Tickets cannot be used to increase the number of receipts. Airdrops".

・Ticket airdrops
An airdrop that allows players to receive an item by consuming a ticket.

■About Tickets
To receive items distributed by "Ticket Airdrops," you need to use a ticket.
There are two types of tickets:"Free Airdrop Ticket", which are periodically given to your account for free, and "Paid Airdrop Ticket", which are given to your account by purchasing them.
After July 18, you will be able to check at My Page > Manage Airdrop Tickets to check the number of tickets you have and purchase tickets.

・Free Airdrop Ticket
Ticket specifications: Up to one ticket can be used per airdrop receipt URL.
How to get tickets: 3 tickets will be automatically granted to your account at the time of new registration, and 1 ticket will be automatically granted to your account at the beginning of each following month of registration.
Expiration date: Until the end of the month in which the ticket is granted.

*At the time of introduction of the ticket system on July 18, all customers who have registered will receive 3 tickets, and from the following months onward, 1 ticket will be automatically granted to the account at the beginning of each month.

・Paid Airdrop Ticket
Ticket specifications: Multiple tickets can be used per airdrop receipt URL *However, the maximum number of tickets may be set individually.
How to get tickets: Each ticket costs 100 yen (tax included) and can only be purchased with a credit card.
Expiration date: Approximately 6 months

*For details regarding paid tickets, please check the "Notation based on the "Act on specified commercial transactions" after July 18.

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