Notation based on the Act on Payment

Name of Prepaid Payment Method Adam Point
Trade name of the issuer of the prepaid means of payment GMO Adam Corporation
Amount Payable, etc. 1,000,000 yen
Terms and Conditions for Issuance of Adam Point

In the case of issuance by appropriation of sales
・Can be issued in increments of 1 yen or more.
・1 yen per point

In the case of Issuance by credit card
・Can be issued in 1 yen increments of 1,000 yen or more.
・1 yen per point

Validity period
1 year from the date of issue
Scope where points can be used Points can be used to pay for the purchase of items at Adam byGMO.
Precautions for use

Adam Points cannot be redeemed for cash, refunded, or transferred to a third party once issued, except when the business of issuing prepaid means of payment is discontinued or when refunds are required by law.

Please note that Adam Point balance will not be refunded after the validity period has expired.

How to check your unused balance You can check your unused Adam Point balance in My Page after logging in to Adam byGMO.
Terms and Conditions, Terms of Use, etc. Please refer to the Adam byGMO Terms of Service, Adam Point Terms and Conditions, and Secondary Listing Terms and Conditions (
Inquiries Address: 1-2-3 Dogenzaka, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
GMO Adam, Inc.
Methods of preservation of user funds

(1) Purpose of the provisions of Article 14, Paragraph 1 of the Funds Settlement Act
As a system to protect holders of prepaid means of payment, it is required under Article 14, Paragraph 1 of the Act on Funds Settlement to preserve assets by depositing with the Legal Affairs Bureau, etc. an amount equal to at least half of the unused balance of the prepaid means of payment on the record date.

(2) Rights stipulated in Article 31, Paragraph 1 of the Funds Settlement Act
In the event of any contingency, the holder of the prepaid means of payment is entitled to receive repayment in advance of other creditors for the issue guarantee money that has been preserved in advance in accordance with the provisions of Article 31 of the Act on the Settlement of Funds.

(3) Deposit of issue guarantee money, issue guarantee money preservation agreement or issue guarantee money trust agreement
We deposit the issue guarantee money with the following depositories in order to preserve the funds of the users.

・Tokyo Legal Affairs Bureau

Policy on Compensation for Losses Caused by Fraudulent Transactions, etc.

(1)Specific situations where losses may occur

1.When credit card information is illegally obtained by a third party and the third party impersonates the credit card holder to charge Adam byGMO points by credit card, resulting in a loss to the credit card holder.

2.In the event that Adam byGMO account information is illegally obtained by a third party and Adam Points are charged, used or disposed of against the user's will.

3.In addition to the cases described in 1. or 2. above, when a user incurs a loss due to instructions given by an unauthorized person against the user's will

(2)Existence or non-existence of compensation for loss
Users must strictly manage the user ID and password for their Adam byGMO account at their own risk and must not transfer, lend, or allow a third party to use them.
In principle, We shall not be liable for any loss incurred by the user due to unauthorized charging, use, or disposal of Adam byGMO points, except in cases where there are reasons attributable to us.

(3)Details of compensation and requirements for compensation, if any

1. Contents of compensation
If there is a reason attributable to us, we shall compensate the User for losses incurred by the User by granting the balance of Adam Points or by paying money, depending on the details of our responsibility.
However, if the user is at fault, the amount of compensation will be determined after considering the manner and circumstances of the user's conduct that caused the loss.
If the user has received compensation for the loss from a third party other than us ,the we shall compensate the user for the amount remaining after deducting the amount of compensation received.

2.Requirements for Compensation
When a user requests compensation from us, the user shall follow the procedures described in "Details of Compensation Procedures" and shall cooperate with our investigation. If there is a reason attributable to us for the user's loss, compensation will be made.
If the user fails to follow such procedures, we may not be held liable for all or part of the loss incurred by the user.

(4)Details of Compensation Procedures
The user shall notify us of the fact that said loss has occurred within 60 days of the date the loss occurred (or the date of the last loss in the event that multiple losses have occurred in succession). In addition, the user shall report such losses to the police department.
The user shall, promptly after notifying us in accordance with the preceding paragraph, report to us the following information with the necessary materials.
・Amount of loss
・Date of loss
・Reason of the loss
・Other items for which we have requested notification

(5)Contact for Inquiries
For consultations and inquiries regarding unauthorized use, please contact the "Inquiry Desk" above.

(6)Matters related to the sharing of compensation with cooperating parties
Matters concerning the sharing of compensation with other companies that provide various payment services (credit cards and other means of payment; hereinafter referred to as "linked services") linked to the prepaid means of payment issued by us (Credit card and other payment methods, hereinafter referred to as "linked services") We will not be liable for any losses incurred due to unauthorized transactions via the Payment Instruments issued by other companies (credit cards and other payment methods; hereinafter referred to as "Linked Services"). For compensation, please contact the provider of each linked service.

(7)Criteria for Disclosure of Fraudulent Transactions
If an unauthorized transaction has occurred or is likely to occur, we may disclose the unauthorized transaction if we deem it necessary, taking into consideration the manner of the unauthorized transaction, the amount of damage, the number of similar cases, the likelihood of recurrence, social impact, and other factors.

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