Basic Policies against Anti-Social Forces

GMO Adam, Inc. hereby declares its basic policy against anti-social forces as follows:

  1. GMO Adam, Inc. does not have any relationships with anti-social forces, including business relationships.
  2. GMO Adam, Inc. resolutely rejects unreasonable demands from anti-social forces, responds systematically, and ensures the safety of its officers and employees.
  3. GMO Adam, Inc. will build close cooperative relationships with external specialized organizations such as the police, the Center for the Elimination of Violence, and lawyers, in preparation for unreasonable demands from anti-social forces.
  4. GMO Adam, Inc. will legally deal with unreasonable demands from anti-social forces from both civil and criminal perspectives.
  5. GMO Adam, Inc. will not provide funds to anti-social forces or engage in backroom transactions for any reason.

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