About Single note NFTs for 595 music notes composing the melody of “Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence” by Ryuichi Sakamoto, launched for sale on “Adam byGMO”

Thank you for your continued support of Adam byGMO.

Single note NFTs for 595 music notes composing the melody of “Merry Christmas Mr.Lawrence” by Ryuichi Sakamoto, launched for sale on “Adam byGMO”, which was scheduled to be partially sold at 7:00PM(JST) today, Tuesday, December 21, has been accessed by a large number of users, and a server failure has occurred as a result.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience and concern this may have caused you.

As a result of discussions with the seller, Gentosha Inc, we have decided that the NFTs that could not be sold, “190 music notes of bars 1-16, NFT name 1-1~16-10” which were scheduled to be sold at 7:00PM(JST) today, will be sold at the same time as the “205 music notes of bars 17-56, NFT name 17-1~56-5.” These are scheduled to be sold at 7:00PM tomorrow, Wednesday, December 22.

※ NFTs that have been purchased and paid for today can still be retained.

We will continue to improve our services and prevent such incidents from happening again in the future.

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【关于坂本龙一的 "圣诞快乐,劳伦斯先生 "的旋律分割成的595个音符的每个音符NFT的单独售卖】

非常感谢您使用Adam byGMO。

我们很抱歉地通知您,原定于今天12月21日(星期二)19:00出售的坂本龙一的 "圣诞快乐,劳伦斯先生 "旋律分割成的595个音符NFT,因为被大量的客户访问导致了服务器故障。





请联系Adam byGMO了解更多信息。


【坂本龍一氏「Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence」のメロディーを595音に分割した1音ずつのNFT販売について】

日頃よりAdam byGMOをご利用いただきまして、誠にありがとうございます。

本日12/21(火) 19:00 に一部の販売を予定しておりました、坂本龍一氏「Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence」のメロディーを595音に分割した1音ずつのNFTですが、大変多くのお客様からのアクセスをいただき、サーバー障害が発生いたしました。



※ なお本日ご購入および支払い処理が完了したNFTに関しては、そのまま保有いただけます。


Adam byGMO お問い合わせ窓口はこちら



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